"I strongly recommend 'Fizzical Fizzicks' from both an educational perspective and professional standpoint to any group or organization looking for a spectacular science show."

- Brenton Driscoll, Program Specialist, Science World British Columbia

"What a show! A great combination of physics and circus."

- Ken Robson, Principal, Hillview Elementary School, Vernon, B.C.

"These performers are masters at understanding how kids learn."

- Sonya Ryhal, Arts in the Classroom, Springfield, Ohio

"'Fizzical Fizzicks' blends theatre and circus skills into an action packed show that entertains both visually and narratively. While there is a valuable educational component to the show, the structure and rollicking pacing ensure that the show's primary purpose is to provide a fantastic show. 'Fizzical Fizzicks' was a bona fide blockbuster hit!"

- Neal Rempel, Executive Producer, Winnipeg International Children's Festival

"I thought the focus of the show, on types of motion, was broad enough to be really significant but narrow enough to allow people to get it. This is a tricky balance, which you achieved well. At the same time, your performances linked to the three types of motion made the show very entertaining to watch. I would not hesitate to recommendg Fizzical Fizzicks to anyone."

- Patrick Tevlin, PhD. Associate Director of Science, Ontario Science Centre

"Thank you so much for your fabulous presentation today. The kids learned so much about science, about circus acts and how to put on a polished performance with ease and enthusiasm. You two are amazing!."

- Marion Roy, teacher, Oscar Peterson Public School, Mississauga, Ontario

"I found 'Fizzical Fizzicks' to be a perfect mix of education, demonstration, and participation. It appealed to your audience of children along with the teachers who appreciate content based assemblies. You brought the science of motion alive! You made the concepts of linear, rotation, and vibration as ingredients of motion visible and easy to grasp. The circus theme was perfect to demonstrate motion activities, and the musical selections were lively and attention grabbing. Even your comment about needing to practice your skills to get better at them was an important message for a lot of our younger generation who want everything to be instant and easy. After 27 years of teaching and numerous assemblies, I can confidently say your program was one of the best I've watched. Thank you for making your time with us educational and fun!"

- Debbie Farmer, 4th Grade, South Vienna Public School, South Vienna, Ohio

"Our family loved the Fizzical Fizzicks show. It was brilliantly produced to teach kids about basic science. It was also funny. We wish to see more of this kind of production. p.s. It makes our mother laugh."

- Anda Wang, filled out on a guest comment card, Ontario Science Centre

"I was crying because it was so funny! Will you come next year?"

- Trinity, a studnet from A.E. Perry Elementary School, Kamloops, B.C.

"This was a great performance. The students were fully engaged and more than willing to participate. The performers were very polite, well organized and professional The science concepts were explained in a manner that was age appropriate, as well as extremely entertaining. Well worth having."

- Kathy Dorval, Principal Springwood Elementary, Prince George BC

"It was fantastic! The reinforcement of the 3 terms was great - the kids could remember them after no problem. The learning also tied in very well with the curriculum. Great job!"

- Hatzic Elementary, Mission, BC

"Absolutely engaging and valuable. Your presentation has solid educational value and you are wonderful teachers. Watching the presentation was akin to observing an excellent science lesson. There was a high level of interest demonstrated by our kids and an abundance of material for teachers to follow up on in their classrooms. Thank you!"

- comments from an after-show questionaire, BC, 2009

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